Monday, July 13, 2009

sms gateways to make cheap sms worldwide

Hi all,
There was another thing that I wanted to share with you guys there are cheaper ways to send international sms. You need to use sms (short Messaging Service) gateways. There are sms providers that prvide very low cost sms service through both email to sms or using web based interface. Like from where I live it costs me 15cents to send a local sms whereas my provider give international sms services cheaper, mine provides 10 cents for international sms.
You can search on google to for website that provide free sms service to different countries. For starters I am listing a few websites that provide free sms service:

1. This website provides free sms service to Australian mobiles. It is supported by Advertisements and so need to earn joobs/points to continue sending sms.
2. provides free sms service to India. They do it by reserving 80characters for advertisement in your sms.
3. ICQ messenger. Yes, true icq messenger gives a wide option to send sms. If you are in Europe you are sure to be covered.

There are other free sms service providers but you need to search for them based on your country specific needs.

If you did not like the idea of spending time to earn joobs or your friends recieving advertisements then try paid services like yahoo, skype and others. You'll have to buy credit from them to sms somebody.

To round it up depending on your needs and how much you want to spend you'll have to choose your own option.

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