Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buy Audio books, Free Audio books

Hi Guys,
Some of you like me have issues with finding time to read books. There is an easier way to read books using audio books. I found that while we try our best to continually gain as much knowledge in our work area and studies but it is really difficult to read leisure books or books of general interest. To my rescue I discovered that mp3 players can be a boon especially if you travel for an hour each day.
My answer to my misery was buying audio books that allow me to listen to them while travelling. There are a few good sites that let you buy them. However, if you are short of cash best is to also look for websites that let you download the for free. I would shortly list a few such websites.
The major disadvanteage of having audio books is that you have to pay attention which can be dangerous while driving and if you have your mp3 player stuck to your ears for long enough then you can even damage your ears.
Any how, I don't think if you are reading this blog that you were anyone of those and that you realise everything in this world coes for a price.

Ok, enough of talking let's get into the details about where you can buy these audio books, so here are some websites:
2. Ebay (get books for cheap price or exchange them)
5. i-Tunes (if you are an ipod fan)

Well, the list is endless, if you don't find a book you are looking for on these websites then, try searching google for audio books and you shall find a few thousand websites seling them and in different languages.

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