Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Windows 7, Vista and Linux Compare (a test of their efficiency)

I have been a long time Linux fan the only thing that ever stopped me from switching over from Windows was that I could not run Office applications and the likes on Linux. This really meant I had no option to stick with windows operating system and shell out money on upgrading. When Windows 7 was realeased for manufacturing I had almost decided to go with Linux.

However, pains that I have had before with Linux made me test both systems before I took a flip. I conducted my own tests as well as looked for experts to make a decision. Yes, you would be surprised too when I would say that Windows 7 is lot better than Vista. It is almost a Linux killer.

The only time that Windows 7 failed to deliver was the installation time, disk space for installed windows and file transfer times. Some of us might still argue that Lnux is a lot better. Yes, at times it is specially seeing the past reliability of Windows OS and its push to support a selective range of products over others. Also, security can be a issue but with Windows Vista I have never used an anti virus (saves money in subscription cost).

In summary, though each operating system has its advantages, I have decided not to throw Windows out and embrace Linux. My needs can only be met by softwares like Office, Solidworks, Dreamweaver, Yahoo VOIP services to name a few. I would suggest Linux to be flipped for only server or running on old computer systems. I am still happy to shell out money to go to the next level.

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