Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi guys,

It has been 3 years and time for guys at Microsoft to release something new to coincide with their new operating system Windows 7. I have been trying to get a glimpse of what exactly is new about the Microsoft Office suite and the journey has been quite interesting. the first impression I got was of not much has been done but if you are a mobile person like me and has work following around or you are a tech savy student who likes to work when he feels like on train commute or gets a bright idea while having fun at the beach. The Office suite might be just what you were looking for. All in all there have been many changes in how you collaborate in the new Microsoft office suite or mobility that you might need.

Over the next few weeks I would take each of the products in Office suite and explain you about the new features, whom they can be useful for and why you might not need them.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Windows 7, Vista and Linux Compare (a test of their efficiency)

I have been a long time Linux fan the only thing that ever stopped me from switching over from Windows was that I could not run Office applications and the likes on Linux. This really meant I had no option to stick with windows operating system and shell out money on upgrading. When Windows 7 was realeased for manufacturing I had almost decided to go with Linux.

However, pains that I have had before with Linux made me test both systems before I took a flip. I conducted my own tests as well as looked for experts to make a decision. Yes, you would be surprised too when I would say that Windows 7 is lot better than Vista. It is almost a Linux killer.

The only time that Windows 7 failed to deliver was the installation time, disk space for installed windows and file transfer times. Some of us might still argue that Lnux is a lot better. Yes, at times it is specially seeing the past reliability of Windows OS and its push to support a selective range of products over others. Also, security can be a issue but with Windows Vista I have never used an anti virus (saves money in subscription cost).

In summary, though each operating system has its advantages, I have decided not to throw Windows out and embrace Linux. My needs can only be met by softwares like Office, Solidworks, Dreamweaver, Yahoo VOIP services to name a few. I would suggest Linux to be flipped for only server or running on old computer systems. I am still happy to shell out money to go to the next level.

Microsoft Certification Training for Office and Server

Like any other courses, an IT student also face different examinations in order to show off to their clients what are the skills they possess in order to become a certified professional. There are ways in order to become certified and one of the very important is to pass the exam and grab the certificate. Before deciding to take the exam, it is necessary for you to take undergo trainings as rigid as possible and take practice test online.

The preparation of the certification of computer information technology can extend to free from spending hundreds of dollars and can sometimes run into the thousands. Students in this field of expert knowledge and the repair of the desktop and laptops want the best reliable training for a certificate available for the cost that is lowest. Price is important but do not want to sacrifice the quality of education for teaching computer science.

Microsoft offers different certifications software developers, server administration, ERP system and office suite. These skills enable students and professionals to prove their skills on Microsoft technologies.

These certification are in following areas:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio

2. Microsoft Office System

3. Microsoft Forefront (security)

4. Exchange server, SQL Server, office comunication server, sharepoint server, Small Business Server, Microsoft Dynamics.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Buy Audio books, Free Audio books

Hi Guys,
Some of you like me have issues with finding time to read books. There is an easier way to read books using audio books. I found that while we try our best to continually gain as much knowledge in our work area and studies but it is really difficult to read leisure books or books of general interest. To my rescue I discovered that mp3 players can be a boon especially if you travel for an hour each day.
My answer to my misery was buying audio books that allow me to listen to them while travelling. There are a few good sites that let you buy them. However, if you are short of cash best is to also look for websites that let you download the for free. I would shortly list a few such websites.
The major disadvanteage of having audio books is that you have to pay attention which can be dangerous while driving and if you have your mp3 player stuck to your ears for long enough then you can even damage your ears.
Any how, I don't think if you are reading this blog that you were anyone of those and that you realise everything in this world coes for a price.

Ok, enough of talking let's get into the details about where you can buy these audio books, so here are some websites:
2. Ebay (get books for cheap price or exchange them)
5. i-Tunes (if you are an ipod fan)

Well, the list is endless, if you don't find a book you are looking for on these websites then, try searching google for audio books and you shall find a few thousand websites seling them and in different languages.

Monday, July 13, 2009

sms gateways to make cheap sms worldwide

Hi all,
There was another thing that I wanted to share with you guys there are cheaper ways to send international sms. You need to use sms (short Messaging Service) gateways. There are sms providers that prvide very low cost sms service through both email to sms or using web based interface. Like from where I live it costs me 15cents to send a local sms whereas my provider give international sms services cheaper, mine provides 10 cents for international sms.
You can search on google to for website that provide free sms service to different countries. For starters I am listing a few websites that provide free sms service:

1. This website provides free sms service to Australian mobiles. It is supported by Advertisements and so need to earn joobs/points to continue sending sms.
2. provides free sms service to India. They do it by reserving 80characters for advertisement in your sms.
3. ICQ messenger. Yes, true icq messenger gives a wide option to send sms. If you are in Europe you are sure to be covered.

There are other free sms service providers but you need to search for them based on your country specific needs.

If you did not like the idea of spending time to earn joobs or your friends recieving advertisements then try paid services like yahoo, skype and others. You'll have to buy credit from them to sms somebody.

To round it up depending on your needs and how much you want to spend you'll have to choose your own option.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheap VOIP Calls

Hi all,

I recently moved overeas to study. As you might expect that a student never has enough money for himself leave alone to make expensive overseas calls. My situatio was same with my recent relocation. After setting up a place I was really worried about my diminishing bank account and how to be in touch with family & friends cheaply.

I started looking at different options nad fond a cheap one. VOIP services these days provide very good call quality at very economical cost. So first let me explain what is VOIP (voice over internet Telephony) is a technology that uses internet as a medium to make calls. As end users we only have to either subscribe to a VOIP service provider or download a free software from a VOIP service provider site and install it. After registration and paying an amount it is all about logging into account and make calls as usual. VOIP is a boon isn't it atleast I believe so. I googled for VOIP and found hundereds of VOIP providers. (Try Make cheap VOIP calls in google search).

An amazing thing that happened that my friends and family live in a country where a few VOIP service providers actually let you male free VOIP calls too. A boon for a student like. Though there are a few things to keep in mind that some VOIP providers may charge you less but may have average call quality so try a few and choose the most economical one.
Gone are the days when we had to phone somebody using phone cards and hear lag between each others voices. VOIP is a cheap option too, that I discovered when I was able to make a 2c/min or $1.2/Hr to a friend in India.
I would really prefer to give a few good VOIP service provider names but I don't want to look like I have some association with them and this is a marketing blog.